Where Can I Find a Jumbo Turkey Leg at Disney World?

Love them or hate them, Jumbo Turkey Legs remain a Disney World park favorite.  In addition to the people that just really love turkey legs, there has also been a huge spike in the Keto Diet community.  If you are not familiar with the Keto Diet, it is basically night fat, moderate protein, and low carb, which make the turkey leg an amazing option for someone eating Keto as each Jumbo Turkey leg contains about 36 grams of fat with no carbs.  But this post isn’t about the Keto Diet, you came here because you want to know where you can find a Jumbo Turkey Leg at Disney World.

Jumbo Turkey Leg Facts

Real quick, I want to share a little bit about Jumbo Turkey Legs that you might know.  Each Jumbo Turkey Leg weighs about 1.5 pounds.  While a chink of that weight is from the bone, just know that when you start out, you will be lugging around a pound and a half!  Also, did you know that the two main United States Disney Parks (Disney World Resort and Disneyland) sell a combined 1.6 million Jumbo Turkey Legs per year which equals just under 2.5 million pounds per year.  Also, many people claim that Jumbo Turkey Legs taste like pork and this is caused by the fact that they are cured in salt the same way that most pork is cured.  Finally, for those of you worried about calorie intake, the Jumbo Turkey Leg is going to cost you about 720 calories.

Where can’t I get a Jumbo Turkey Leg at Disney World?

Disney’s Jumbo Turkey Leg – Photo Credit Disney World

First off, let me tell you where you will not find a Jumbo Turkey Leg.  You will not find a Jumbo Turkey Leg in Hollywood Studios.  As of a few years ago, the one place that specialized in Turkey Legs has closed and they have not found a new home for them yet.  Also, you cannot get a traditional Jumbo Turkey Leg in Disney Springs.  The Smokehouse at the House of Blues does sell a turkey leg that is VERY good, but it is not the traditional Disney Jumbo Turkey Leg.  When you get one at the Smokehouse at the House of Blues, it will also be the best price you will find as it comes in at $10.99.

Where can I get a Jumbo Turkey Leg at Disney World?

Here is a list of places in Walt Disney World that sell the Jumbo Turkey Leg.  You will notice that depending on where you are, you can expect to pay different amounts.  Additionally, you will see that most places sell them on their own, but there is one place that offers them with a side of potato chips.

Where can I get a Jumbo Turkey Leg at Epcot?

At Epcot, you can find a Jumbo Turkey Leg at Fife & Drum Tavern at the American Pavilion.  At Fife & Drum Tavern, the Jumbo Turkey Leg will set you bac $13.25.

Where can I get a Jumbo Turkey Leg at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Moving over the Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you can find the Jumbo Turkey Leg at Yak & Yeti Quality Beverages.  This location will sell the Jumbo Turkey Leg with a side of chips, so this one is going to cost you $15.99 which also makes it the most expensive Jumbo Turkey Leg we found at Disney World.  You will find Yak & Yeti Quality Beverages over to the right hand side of Yak & Yeti Bhaktapur Market in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Bout to grab a Jumbo Turkey Leg at Yak & Yeti Quality Beverages

Where can I find a Jumbo Turkey Leg at the Magic Kingdom?

Finally, over in the Magic Kingdom, you have three options to choose from to get your Jumbo Turkey Leg fix!  First up is Tortuga Tavern.  Now, Tortuga Tavern has been famous for only being open on very busy days, but we have heard lately that they are offering a set menu at this time, so maybe you will have luck here.  Tortuga Tavern offers the Jumbo Turkey Leg for $12.49, and you can find Tortuga Tavern in Adventureland across from the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean.  

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Our next stop in the search for Jumbo Turkey Legs in the Magic Kingdom takes us to Liberty Square Market.  At Liberty Square Market, you will find the Jumbo Turkey Leg for $12.49.  According to their menu, it is only available after 11:00am, so unfortunately, you will have to find something else for breakfast!  Liberty Square Market is in…  you guessed it, Liberty Square – just to the left of the Hall of Presidents.

Our final stop in the Magic Kingdom that sells Jumbo Turkey Legs is going to be over in Fantasyland at Prince Eric’s Village Market across from Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid.  Prince Eric’s Village Market stays in line with the other Magic Kingdom locations selling the Jumbo Turkey Leg for $12.49.

Final Words

So, as you can see, you can get your Jumbo Turkey Leg fix at a handful of locations throughout Walt Disney World.  I want to say that this list could change at any time, so I would definitely log into your My Disney Experience app during your stay to make sure that these places are open and still serving the Jumbo Turkey Leg.  Do you like the Jumbo Turkey Legs at Disney World?  Will you go out of your way to find one?  Let us know in the comments below.  Also, please share this with any of your Jumbo Turkey Leg loving Disney Fanatic friends!

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